Dove Season to Take Flight with Kick-Off Celebrations


Dove Season to Take Flight with Kick-Off Celebrations

 By Amy Lignor 

Opening day of dove season is one of the most anticipated and popular hunting days of the year across the United States. Not a surprise, considering the opening of dove season allows the avid hunter to experience their first opportunity of the fall as the long, hot summer draws to a close.

Whether looking for a private or public event, there are lists that can be found for all states across the web, but no matter what state you happen to be in, dove season encompasses kick-off events and celebrations that truly are fun for the whole family.

Take the southeast for example. In Old Miss., dove hunting has a long tradition of being a very social event; a time for friends and family to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Wingshooters around the state always check out the vast variety of public dove hunting opportunities provided by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. And this year, just for those kiddos, there will be two special youth dove hunts held on Black Prairie and Mahannah WMAs. The Black Prairie Youth Dove Hunt will be held on September 3rd, while the Mahannah WMA Youth Dove Hunt will occur on September 8th. Open to youth hunters 15 years of age and younger, participants check in the day of the hunt, with a parent alongside. The hunt begins at 2:00 p.m. and concludes at sunset with special events held throughout the day, including skeet shooting, safety discussions, and a provided lunch for everyone to enjoy!

If Georgia is your spot, you can be a part of their opening day on the first Saturday in September (September 6th). This little bit of a delay will allow wing-shooters to enjoy the celebrations in places like Old Miss., and then enjoy all the southern traditions of barbecue, sweet tea and family fun that Georgia provides. John Bowes, the Chief of Game Management for the GA Department of Natural Resources, promises that the “opening day of dove season will provide everyone with a great time!”

From the Lone Star State to Yuma, Arizona, wing-shooters everywhere are waiting for the day to arrive. They’re even going over those top five tips they need to remember in order to have success, instruct the next generation, or have a memorable season.

To brush up on those tips:

Make sure to practice before you go. Whether you’re hunting mourning dove, their white-winged cousins, or the Eurasian-collared dove, the fact is that most everyone’s shot-gunning skills are a bit rusty after months of lying dormant. Therefore, get a “tune-up” prior to the season by shooting those sporting clays.

Secondly, upgrade shotgun shells. The so-called heavy dove loads or top-end target loads, with more shot and a bit more firepower, can help a dove hunter’s shooting average improve in the field. These better-quality shells cost a bit more, but they’re worth it.

Along with the upgrade of shells, make sure to use the right gun and choke. With shotguns sporting screw-in chokes that can be changed out, depending on the situation, a better choice for doves is the improved cylinder. By letting the target get within range, an improved cylinder choke is an excellent choice for shots out to 30 yards; and utilize those spinning-wing decoys to help lure them in closer.

Another tip is to hunt the right location. Pick a spot that presents plenty of quality opportunities by scouting the area and finding the busiest field or waterhole. And always pay attention to the little things that make a dove hunt a success. Even though these are the “easy” steps, such as wearing camouflage, hiding in the shadow of a bush or a tree, picking up spent shells, and patiently waiting until the birds are within range before taking the shot, some people tend to forget them.

Most of all, have a ball with friends and family as dove season takes flight.



Original Source:  Sportsmans


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