Cultivating Collectors at Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, March 30

Date: March 30, 2017

Time: 6:00 pm

The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and Silvermine Arts Center announce a series of conversations and events around the theme of Cultivating Collectors.

Recognizing the need to develop and cultivate art collectors in our area, and to help further establish the credibility of Fairfield County as a strong arts and cultural community where art is created, discussed, enjoyed, bought and sold, the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and Silvermine Arts Center are co-producing a series of panel discussions early in 2017, culminating in an Art Fair in the Spring.

The goal of the series is to discover and reach out to collectors, to discuss how, what and why to collect, with a special emphasis on the dialog between New York City and Fairfield County. Our audience will be collectors, would-be collectors, curators, artists, gallerists, and real estate developers. The series will complement a Silvermine Arts Center course on collecting.

  1. Panel: State of the Union, March 30, 2017, Silvermine Arts Center
    We open March 30 with a “State of the Union” panel review of the state of the business of art collecting and art sales locally and nationally with a panel of local gallerists. The panel includes Fernando Luis Alvarez, Isabella Garrucho, Fred Giampietro, and Amy Simon. The panel will be moderated by Martha Lewis, artist, curator-in-residence at New Haven’s Institute Library, educator and radio host. Aimed at fellow gallerists, collectors and artists, the discussion will review the field, recent developments, the challenges and issues of working locally versus in New York, nationally and internationally. What’s changing in the field? What is needed to make the business thrive? REGISTER NOW.
  2. Panel: Landscape of Collecting, April 27, 2017, Silvermine Arts Center.
    The second event will focus on the education of collectors: what the best sources are for information about trends, rising artists, what to look for in artists’ resumes, how to develop and trust one’s own eye, how to gauge an investment, and more. The panel of speakers will represent the points of view of a gallery, a contemporary art museum, a collector and a commentator. Registration available at a later date
  3. Art Fair: May 2017, TBD.
    Having reviewed and discussed the New York/Connecticut balance and what collectors should be thinking about as they get started, we will be producing a mini Art Fair, with local galleries presenting a mix of local, NY and national artists. Details, including about a possible third panel with local experts discussing the range of art presented by the galleries, to be announced shortly.

Silvermine Arts Center
1037 Silvermine Rd.
New Canaan, CT 06840